Find peace, satisfaction and balance through meditation. Learn about the mechanism within each of us that enables us to lead balanced and joyous life. Step through the detailed online meditation tutorials how to awaken, nourish and develop it.

What is Meditation?

What Is Meditation?

Learn about the pure energy that is dormant within you and awaiting awakening. Walk through the ages and see why this knowledge is so valuable.

About Shri Mataji?

Who Is Shri Mataji?

Learn about Shri Mataji and her incredible discovery of a simple technique to experience Self-Realization.

Experience Meditation Right Now

Experience Meditation Right Now!

Experience the awakening of the primordial energy within you. You can feel it on your own central nervous system.

Meditate Online!

Meditate Online!

You can learn to meditate online through our free meditation tutorials and using our online meditation room.

Attend Meditation Classes

Attend Meditation Classes

We offer free meditation classes and programs for individuals and institutions throughout the Chicagoland. Learn about them.